CoMakery was built to bring people together around unique projects. Anyone can launch a project on CoMakery, publish it to the world, and find talented individuals to help them bring the project to life. Below is our guide to getting started as a project owner.

Once you have created a profile (Sign Up), you can visit the 'My Projects' tab in the Navigation bar, which takes you to the Projects page.

From here, you can click on the 'Create Project' button in the top right.

This opens the Project Settings page. This information is important as you will be crafting the landing page that people will visit to learn about your project, potentially indicate their interest in it, and even begin immediately working on tasks associated with the project.

A project can be associated with a larger Mission, but that only means it is related in terms of theme. It doesn’t have any actual impact on the project, and projects can exist without an Mission association as well. Missions do get a bit more awareness, so they can be a good way to help drive people to your project.

If there is a Token you want to associate with the project, select one from the list. If there is not the one you are hoping for, contact us and we can help with that (

The Title is the Project Title - make it capture the essence of what this effort is about, and keep it less than 100 characters. This will be the header text on your project landing page.

The Description gives the overall on the project - what is it for? Who is it for? What will it accomplish? What are the underlying themes driving the ambition behind this project? Use this space to inform and sell people on your project.

Narrated Video Overview - this isn’t required, but it is recommended. Can you provide a 1-2 min Youtube or Vimeo clip that digs into the details, shows off a product or wireframe or template, and makes people want to enroll in your project?

Total Budget - if you are using a token (or even if not) give the overall project a budget. It won’t be able to exceed this amount when it comes time to tasks to be created and total potential payouts.

Project Visibility - there are five choices here:

  • Logged In Team Members: Only people invited/accepted to the project can see the landing page and the associated tasks.

  • Publicly Listed in CoMakery Searches: The project is available for all logged-in users to see on CoMakery, will be listed in search results (if relevant), and anyone logged into CoMakery with the URL can see the landing page and the associated tasks.

  • Logged In Team Member Via Unlisted URL: A special URL that uses a cookie - this is the most private setting.

  • Unlisted URL (No Login Required): Anyone on the web can view the landing page and the tasks - this is the most public setting.

  • Archived - Visible only to the project admin, no one else will have access.

Project URL: Programmatically generated by the system.

Awards Visibility: You can choose to show anyone with access to the project landing page all the tasks that have been done and all the token transfers that have been sent for work completed, or you can choose to limit the ability to see these to just the Project Admins.

Display Team on Project Page: Want to show off who is working on your project? Choose yes. More interested in a bit of privacy on the matter? Choose no.

Imagery - the project landing page displays both a panoramic and rectangular image that will be the heading image for the project. Make sure you match the exact sizing specifications for each, or else you will get an error:

  • Project Image (Rectangle): 1200px x 800px

  • Panoramic Image: 1500px x 500px

Communication Channels - the best way to gather a team around your project and minimize communication friction is to assign a Slack or Discord channel to your project. This will be a place where people can interact with the admins, ask questions, and also recruit others to join the project. You must be an admin of the service/channel you are adding.

Terms & Conditions - Each project must have an individual or Legal Entity’s name associated with it. Also, as the project owner, you will need to determine:

  • That Project Contributions are either Exclusive or Non-Exclusive

  • That Project + Business confidentiality is either Required or Not-Required

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